Chris Nogiec, PhD, CSCS, CISSN


Chris is a certified nutritionist and personal trainer in Boston.  In addition Chris obtained his doctorate from Boston University studying muscle metabolism.  Chris has been formally studying biology, exercise physiology, and metabolism for over a decade.  However, he has been involved with fitness since age 15.  He first sought the top training certification, CSCS, upon graduating from Boston College with a bachelor’s in biology and psychology .  He also expanded his credentials by getting the top sports nutritionist certification, CISSN.  Chris chose these certifications because not only do the certifying agencies have high standards of quality, they promote exercise science above all else.

Training Philosophy

Chris is an enthusiastic and supportive personal trainer.  Clients range from complete novices to elite athletes. He likes to find the inner athlete in everyone–even people who have never set foot in the gym before. With Chris’s technical, scientific background, he knows how to manipulate a wide variety of variables to design programs which efficiently achieve his clients’ goals. Each training program is unique and customized specifically for the individual: there is NO one-size-fits-all. Chris truly believes working out and fitness are vital parts of our lives. It’s the best form of (preventative) medicine. This is his way to contribute to healthcare and to give athletes the competitive edge.

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